[tex-live] one more build

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Sep 16 19:29:21 CEST 2003

Dear system rebuilders,

Forgive me, but I just feel the obsessive need to check which rebuilds
will be possible in the next couple of days?  (For information more than
anything else.)

Here's what I gleaned about who rebuilds what from the archives, please
let me know if incorrect ...

(done) alpha-linux - norbert
       i386-freebsd - sebastian
(done) i386-linux - staszek
       i386-openbsd - ?
       i386-solaris - martin
(done) mips-irix - kaja
       powerpc-aix - vladimir
       powerpc-darwin - gerben
       sparc-linux - staszek
(done) sparc-solaris - kaja
(in process) win32 - fabrice

The bottom line, if you didn't plow through every single message :), is
that it's not a disaster if a system is not rebuilt; pool files didn't
change, so the present binaries will still function.  But there will be
an incompatibility in 8-bit character handling, so the more we can do,
the better.  (I'll be adding a paragraph about this to the

(There was also a bugfix to patgen, but that's not critical.)


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