[tex-live] Technical showstoppers for TL2003

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Sep 15 21:27:36 CEST 2003

At 17:50 15/09/2003 +0400, you wrote:

>  >> no - it was only a simplified example. if you had looked at how
>  >> LaTeX does this, you would had found out that what i suggested is
>  >> workable solution. The above should be changed to:
>  >>
>  >> \IeC{\textasciicircum} \IeC{\textasciicircum}ef
>  PO> Where is the simplicity?
>were we talking about simplicity, or whether it's possible to solve
>the problem of verbatim typesetting using only macros, and without
>any changes to TeX the program like encTeX?

not all verbatim tex is coded in backslashed (macrobased) tex, at least not 
on my machine; also, when processing xml (utf-8) (which is not that 
uncommon nowadays) i really want the eight bitter in the toc file -)

>  >> however, there are no problems... see how LaTeX works and solves
>  >> all this at the MACRO level without any non-standard hacks like
>  >> encTeX.
>  PO> I am very sorry that my email is now not concerned to the primary
>  PO> subject of this thread. But I can't leave the sentence: "encTeX
>  PO> is non-standard hack"
>yes, it is a non-standard hack. non-standard is because it's an
>incompatible extension to TeX, and hack because it's of very limited
>usage; something which is not necessary.

hm, i see nothing wrong in enctex (would even like to see it have more 
mapping features, since in combined tex/ps/js/pdf/whatever docs quite some 
mapping has to be done which is not always trivial to do with macros)

(btw, omega is curently no solution: no pdf backend, not stable, too slow, 
etc; also, nobody forces you to use the enctex extensions)

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