[tex-live] AFPL stuff on DVD (was: Acrobat reader on DVD???)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Sep 14 13:35:08 CEST 2003

    or book (what was the case with the users groups that send it out

User groups are one thing, since they're not commercial the AFPL allows it.

    In past, it was included in CTAN snapshots, as my interpretation of
    AFPL point 2(a)(ii) is that it is ok, to put it on a CD that is sold
    alone (the Lehmanns case)

Ok, I can see that.  Especially if you (or someone) already asked Peter
and he said it was ok :).  Thanks for following up.

    But as far as I see it was never intended to include 3 or 4 CTAN
    CDs into a book or journal.

True.  So as long as no AFPL stuff ends up on the inst or demo cd's,
I guess we're ok.

    GSView would be the only thing I would be really sorry about to throw
    away. We should find out wether there is a distributable version.

I guess we've concluded AFPL is ok (for ctan/), so GSview is ok.


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