[tex-live] Political showstopper

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Sep 13 11:35:36 CEST 2003

     _prevent people to steal the copyright this way_.

I certainly agree that we must defend TeX Live against infractions of
the free licensing, such as happened here.

    I have seen a copy of 'Digital Typography Using LaTeX' which includes a

I will write to Apostolos.  I have been discussing TUG 2004 with him.

    Could there be another option splitting those people into 2 groups: any
    individual could do that, and any company should ask (negociate?) the
    non-exclusive right to use it?

No.  That would make it non-free.

We cannot stop ignorant and/or unethical companies from making invalid
or illegal statements in advance.  Nor do I think that this is a reason
to penalize all the honest companies, not to mention individuals, not to
mention user groups, by not producing or not working on TeX Live any

By analogy, the GPL has been infringed many times, usually through
ignorance or misunderstanding.  When rms find out, he talks to them
about it and gets them to correct it (so far, without having to go to
court).  He doesn't stop working on the GNU project.


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