[tex-live] Status 'TeX Collection' (CTAN part)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Sep 10 20:41:40 CEST 2003

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the information.

    In this schedule Manfred would expect the final TeX Live images
    to be ready around September 22nd 

Well, there should be no problem with that, assuming Volker can get the
German translation done by then (seems like plenty of time).  The TL
images have been essentially ready for a couple weeks already, per the
original deadline.  As long as we can resist introducing tons of new
changes and packages :), it should be fine.

    and the production should be done until October 2nd

Does this mean the production will *start* on Oct 2, or be *complete* on
Oct 2?  Just asking for information.

And do these dates include the CTAN CD set?

    (BTW: We assume it is better to keep the symbolic links in TL?)

Yes, the symlinks must be kept.


Looks ok to me, FWIW.

    *any* LUG I know to exist will be listed in the inner part of the cover,

Fair enough.  Can we see a draft when you have one available, please?

    There will neither be a copyright remark on the cover nor on the
    CD/DVD labels


    include (maybe modified) TeX Live CDs into their books and print a
    copyright on them (like the TeX Live CD in 'LaTeX fuer Dummies' is
    marked as (c) MITP and - up to my knowledge, at least Volker claimed
    it - similar for the one in Springer's book about digitial
    typography) .

Any such copyright statement is invalid and illegal.  Not that I think
we should sue them over it :).

FYI, Addison-Wesley and Patrick Daly specifically asked me about a
copyright statement for the label for the TL they are including with the
forthcoming edition of the Guide to LaTeX.  I told them they should not
include one.  So hopefully that, at least, will be done correctly.

    So I would like to propose a slightly different LICENSE.DVD instead of the 

Your changes are reasonable as far as they go, but I'm concerned about
the proposal in general.  TL exists separately from CTAN, and CTAN
exists separately from TL.

So, instead of making ctan/ a subdirectory within the existing TL top
level, how about having a new top level, with ctan/, texlive/, and a
README?  This makes the distinction much clearer, IMHO.  Are there
technical reasons why another directory level would not work?

If ctan/ must be within the TL top level, then I will write a separate
README and LICENSE (based on yours) specifically for the DVD.  The TL
files need to stay as they are, because the TL CD's, after all, will not
have ctan included.


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