[tex-live] Re: testing 27/28

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Thu Sep 4 21:40:20 CEST 2003

Staszek>  Well, my diagnose: TL8 from f:\ _wasn't_ uninstalled. Fabrice
Staszek>  cured it some days ago (removing RO attributes after new
Staszek>  installation and so) I'm afraid you have mess in registry: old
Staszek>  installation on C: and those on F: not cleaned well. Open
Staszek>  regedit, find texlive and clean all keys found, then install
Staszek>  from the _current_ image over your old installation on c:

That won't cure anything.  A blue screen under XP means either a
hardware problem (triggered by accessing some memory address for
example) or a bad driver. No user application can trigger such a problem
directly. The application would be killed.

Volker>  PS: I was a bit surprised, that it's not possible anymore to
Volker>  select one's favorite editor. No winshell anymore for people
Volker>  who want to test a simple windows environment?

I didn't want to maintain setup of foreign programs.

At some point, to install Winshell, I had to run their installer,
waiting for it to finish, then try to find some strange key in the
registry to locate it and unzip the patch on top of it. Then to support
WinEdt installation, I had to run the setup.exe program in some
different context because it is (was ?) a 16bit application, and use
some dirty trick to know that WinEdt setup was finished, and then again
apply a patch in a different way.

Sorry, but in the long term, I found it stupid. People may install
whatever editor they want. The only one(s) I know supported for years
are (X)Emacs, and they are free. So I chose to stick with that.

Volker>  Surprise2: that *all* binaries of gs, perl, imagemagick etc. go
Volker>  into texlive/bin/win32.

Problem : adding too many paths to environment may fail, especially
long ones. Not only environment size is limited (you can raise the
limit, but up to 2k or 4k under W95), but also the value of and
environment variable can't be more than 256 chars under W9X (well, have
to check, but I remember that after some limit, the path list was

The trick is that those Perl, GS and ImageMagick are not meant to be
used outside of TeXLive.


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