[tex-live] Re: testing 27/28

Volker RW Schaa v.r.w.schaa at gsi.de
Thu Sep 4 15:47:31 CEST 2003

Dear fellow tldoc writers and testers,

at the moment I'm lost and need some help. While translating
Karl's version of tldoc, I started to run the TeXLive demo image
on my XP notebook to test and compare. 
First I had it installed on drive f: and everything seemed ok. 
Several days ago, I decided to throw away my old TL7 installation
on c:, and put a new one ontop of it. 
To get rid of TL alltogether, I first deinstalled TL8 from f:, 
than started to install new on c: over the old TeXLive/texmf tree. 
I've tried it now several times (9 to be exact), and every time 
installation starts ok, and after 70--80% of the installation 
I get a blue screen. *E*V*E*R*Y* TIME!!
In the meantime I'm a bit more cautious, so I'm saving all my 
changes in tldoc before starting to install and reboot. 
But I've lost quite some work and several hours.

Has anybody experienced something similar, when installing *over*
an old installation? Any advice??

Helpless, Volker

PS: I was a bit surprised, that it's not possible anymore to select
    one's favorite editor. No winshell anymore for people who want
    to test a simple windows environment?
Surprise2: that *all* binaries of gs, perl, imagemagick etc. go 
    into texlive/bin/win32.

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