[tex-live] status?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Sep 3 18:02:47 CEST 2003

    can someone bring me up to date with where we are? are we frozen yet?

More or less.  Fabrice has been continue to make a few Windows tweaks to
fix problems Staszek has found.  eomega binaries have been getting
remade so that they are all the same version and thus use the same pool
file.  Other than that, no changes have been made since you went away, I

On the doc side, Fabrice and Staszek are hoping to have the French and
Polish translations done by Friday.  Petr said he's trying for Monday
for Czech.  I haven't heard a date from Volker for German, but I know
he's started, he sent a bunch of good corrections for the first few pages.
Have heard nothing about Russian, guess that will have to wait until
next year.

On the A-W front, Patrick Daly is still contemplating exactly what to
do.  He wants to use the demo cd, but their production needs to stick to
a standard CD, not 700MB.  I made a special version for him that omits
all language support (at his request), and he's deciding what he wants
to do.  Partly that's because I couldn't see any good way of omitting
*just* the tldoc translations without skipping the entire language,
seems like I'd have to edit all the tpm files (obviously without
checking them in), etc.

I wrote to Karnikowski about the German A-W book on Monday, telling him
things were delayed due to the doc, haven't heard back.

I don't know exactly where CTAN stands or who's doing it or when it'll
be ready, but from what Volker has sent, I gather it's in process.

Anything else?

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