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Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Tue Sep 2 13:29:03 CEST 2003

All of you, who have worked hard on making the TeX Live 2003 happen,
will be pleased to hear that the final production seems to happen
soon now...


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Hi all,

thanks to Sebastian and his big crew of very helpful people, the TeXLive
2003 is ready. But this year we are going to have the "TeX Collection
2003", this is a combination of three different TeXLive distributions
and the complete CTAN snapshot. The TeXLive distributions are

 live  a complete, runnable system on DVD; too large for a CD-ROM (more
       than 1GB!). The DVD also includes the CTAN snapshot completely
       independent of TeXLive.

 inst  a complete system on CD; to make it fit on one CD, everything was
       compressed. Therefore, it is not possible to run TeX directly from
       the *inst*allable CD.

 demo  a live system runnable directly from CD; this fit on a CD, because
       CJK language support, typesetting music, and some less-commonly
       used fonts have been dropped, and executables only for Linux,
       MacOSX, and Windows systems are on this CD.

DANTE is going to produce this version of the new TeX Collection together
with Lehmanns Bookshops. The set of one DVD and two CDs is packaged in a
digifile cover (= cardboard box with two flaps, sizes are
        125.5 mm x 140 mm x 9 mm folded, or
        125.5 mm x 279 mm x 6 mm one flap folded or
        125.5 mm x 429 mm x 3 mm unfolded)

The price for one set is
       1.90 Euro + VAT and shipping
                   VAT-free if VAT registration number is given

For those user groups ordering the TeX Collection there is the possibility
to order in addition set of CTAN CDs (four CDs in paper envelopes) for the
price of 0.80 Euros per set + VAT (no VAT for USA).

Interested user groups are invited to participate in this production,
please send an email to cdrom at dante.de with
    - number of TeX Collection sets
                CTAN CDs sets
    - mailing address
    - billing address


PS: There is a link (one very long line), where you can see what we planned as
    cover for the TeX Collection 2003 set:

 Volker RW Schaa           e-Mail: President at Dante.de
 President of DANTE e.V.           v.r.w.Schaa at gsi.de
 Postfach 101840
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 my tel (office): (+49) 6159 / 71-2340
 my fAX (office): (+49) 6159 / 71-2104

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