[tex-live] bibtex8

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Thu Oct 9 09:24:43 CEST 2003

> Not always.  If there are files a.b and a.b.tex, then don't you want
> tex to read a.b.tex?  That's why I programmed it that way in the first

Maybe I'm wrong but I  think that over the time, many people tend to stay
away from multiple dots in path names, much more than say spaces in path
names ;-)

All in all, it is only a matter of deciding if you want extensions to be
meaningful or not. If they are (as the use  of .tex seems to imply) they
should always be, ie even for a.b, that is you want to feed tex with the
file 'a' of type 'b'. So multiple dots should  be prohibited. Ok, that's
only an  interpretation.

MacIntosh  used to store the file  type in the  file itself  and in this
respect solved the problem.

> place, after years of horrible confusion about the rules.  In
> retrospect, the whole idea of adding default suffixes is probably not
> the right thing to do.

Olaf suggested to make them configurable, which would help.

> Anyway, forget that, it doesn't matter now.  What's matters is either
> getting bibtex8 fixed or getting kpathsea fixed so it works again.  Or
> dropping bibtex8, as Hans suggested.  I really don't care which,
> myself, and I can't offer to do the programming :(.

No opinion about it.


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