[tex-live] pattern problems

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Oct 3 01:09:27 CEST 2003

At 10:28 02/10/2003, Petr Olsak wrote:

>The czhyphen/skhyphen.tex pattern files are something special:
>all accented letters are wtitten by \v <base_letter> etc convetion
>in these files.
>The result: these pattern files can be loaded more than once, if more than
>one TeX internal encoding for these languages are supported in format
>package (specially, this is a feature of cslatex and csplain formats).

>Second result: you have to define \v etc as macro which expands to one
>internal letter at expand processor level before czhyphen/skhyphen.tex
>are read. The default values of these macros from plain (the \accent
>primitive is used) does not work. It means, the czhyphen/skhyphen.tex
>cannot be loaded from babelised latex, babelised plain etc. because the
>\v etc macros are unchanged during iniTeX state in these formats. In other
>words: czhyphen/skhyphen.tex are not package independent.

indeed in context (for czech) i load the patterns twice, one in ec and once 
in il2 encoding (a couple of years ago petr sojka and i decided that that 
was the best solution)

   \installlanguage [cz] [mapping={il2,ec},encoding={il2,ec}]

>The last version of czhyph.tex and skhyph.tex are the wrapper files only.
>There is the test if babelised format (means latex or babelised plain) is
>used. It this is true then (roughly speaking) the following is done:
>    \input t1code.tex   % the \v etc are defined here for T1 encoding
>                        % independent on plain or latex is generated
>    \input czhyphen.tex % or \input skhyphen.tex
>If the wrapper files czhyph.tex or skhyph.tex have to be
>used when context is generated and context defines \v macros
>as one internal character (with non-zero \lccode) itself, then
>new \ifx can be included into czhyph.tex/skhyph.tex at real begin
>of these files:
>\ifx\contextversion\udefined \else
>   \input czhyphen.tex % or \input skhyphen.tex
>   \endinput \fi

sounds ok to me

>The second solution is to use the czhyphen/skhyphen.tex directly from
>context and don't use the czhyph.tex/skhyph.tex wrapper files.

and for the moment i'll do that; but ... why are those two files no longer 
in the normal hyphen path then; maybe they should move back there?

> > I really think that we should look into patterns:
> >
> > - proper filename convention
> > - consistent internals
> > - no package dependent internals
>The majority of pattern files in babel/generic are package dependent:
>they are encoded in T1 encoding---it means they can be used only in
>packages where T1 encoding is used as TeX internal encoding!!!
>Best regards
>Petr Olsak
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