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Jean Francis MICHON jf.michon at wanadoo.fr
Wed May 21 18:59:19 CEST 2003

Dear TUG,

I bought TEXLIVE 7 and and got in some difficulties (I'm not an expert) . I solved these difficulties and I send you some comments. 

May be  they will be useful for other users.

I installed Winshell with TEXLive 7. My system is Windows XP Professional.

1st difficulty (french keyboard): 

I'm a french user of Latex so I need to use a french keyboard and the babel package. 
Typing with a french keyboard in Winshell gives no problem but when compiling no accented character appears in the viewer.
French users must put two instructions like 


at the beginnig of their latex files. The first instruction is to tell to the compiler to use 8-bit coding of french character. The second is standard for french style.
French users must go to the Bernard Gaulle web site to have complete explanations and other alternatives. 

2nd difficulty (package installation): 

I needed "xy" package . I got the package on the web and installed it , respecting the installation procedure enclosed. But it did'nt work. The compiler did not find the "xy.sty" package.  This is because the user must rebuild the "ls-R" database before using the package .
To rebuild this database user must go to "TEXLive -> Maintenance ->Rebuild ls-R" program option proposed in the Windows program launcher.


Excepts of these two little problems the product is excellent and easy.

Many thanks

Jean Francis MICHON
University of Rouen 

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