[tex-live] Huge latex/ pdflatex suggestion

Gos Micklem gos at gen.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 28 23:45:17 CEST 2003


We've been trying to extend latex / pdflatex compile time limits to
generate reports consisting of large tables which include a very large
number of images.  Considering that the memory available on typical
systems now is so much larger than it was when TeX was developed we
wonder if it would be possible for you to distribute huge latex and
pdflatex configurations on the ready-to-run texlive compilation.  It
is likely that many of our colleagues in the gene expression
microarray field will be interested in using our report generation
code but will not have the expertise to extend TeX.

We notice that you have changed the max_halfword in the newest sources
and we hope that in line with this you may increase other compile time
limits that we have not hit yet.

We had to change pdf_mem_size in pdftex.ch as follows:

<   setup_bound_var (65536)('pdf_mem_size')(pdf_mem_size);
>   setup_bound_var (500000)('pdf_mem_size')(pdf_mem_size);

Changing texmf.cnf limits is less of an issue as recompilation is of
course not necessary.

We hope these are useful suggestions.

Best wishes,


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