[tex-live] pdftex.map for TL8

Daniel Flipo Daniel.Flipo at univ-lille1.fr
Tue Jul 22 15:50:51 CEST 2003

Hi all!

I have noticed strange things in the pdftex.map file for TL8:

1) What are the funny encodings (f7b6d320.enc,10037936.enc, etc.)
   found in texmf/dvips/tetex for? Could Thomas explain why they are
   used now for the CM fonts and what these funny names mean?

   Why is cmr5 reencoded why a different encoding (0ef0afca.enc) while
   all other cmr* use f7b6d320.enc?

2) It seems to me that the updmap script does not do a proper job, see
   for instance what happens to cmbsy* fonts:

In TL8, I get this:
cmbsy10 CMBSY10 " TeX10037936Encoding ReEncodeFont " 
                  <10037936.enc <cmbsy10.pfb
cmbsy5 CMBSY5 <cmbsy5.pfb
cmbsy7 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb

In TL7, I had this:
cmbsy10 CMBSY10 <cmbsy10.pfb
cmbsy5 CMBSY5 <cmbsy5.pfb
cmbsy6 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb
cmbsy7 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb
cmbsy8 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb
cmbsy9 CMBSY10 <cmbsy10.pfb

a) the reencoding should apply to all or none of these, but not
   just to cmbsy10...
b) three lines are missing for cmbsy6, cmbsy8 and cmbsy9 (precisely
   the sizes using a different .pfb file (cmbsy6 uses cmbsy7.pfb).

I fear that this kind of thing might affect other fonts, a carefull
overall check seems to be needed. Another example:

In TL8:
cmmib10 CMMIB10 " TeXaae443f0Encoding ReEncodeFont " <aae443f0.enc
cmmib5 CMMIB5 <cmmib5.pfb
cmmib7 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb

In TL7:
cmmib10 CMMIB10 <cmmib10.pfb
cmmib5 CMMIB5 <cmmib5.pfb
cmmib6 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb
cmmib7 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb
cmmib8 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb
cmmib9 CMMIB10 <cmmib10.pfb

Again cmmib6, cmmib8 and cmmib9 are missing... probably the same bug.

3) the following lines are missing too:
cmex7 CMEX10 <cmex10.pfb
cmex8 CMEX10 <cmex10.pfb
cmex9 CMEX10 <cmex10.pfb

Same bug again?

4) Two maps are not included: charter and uag.map (in urw.map), while
   PFB files for charter and AvantGarde are on TL8.

I won't comment on utopia, which has (sadly) been withdrawn for
copyright reasons...

Daniel Flipo.

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