[tex-live] tldoc revision

karl at tug.org karl at tug.org
Mon Jul 14 00:06:04 CEST 2003

I have checked in a substantial revision of the TeX Live documentation
to the TL perforce repository.  I added sections on testing, getting
help, and MacOSX, and revised almost everything -- except the Windows
chapter, where I merely tinkered with formatting and such.  I hope
someone else can do a real update of it.  For one thing, the figures
still refer to TeX Live 7.

Except for that (the Windows figures/updates), I think the other changes
for this year's version are done, although of course a multitude of
potential improvements remain.

I'd appreciate any bug reports, suggestions, or
how-could-you-be-so-stupid remarks :).  I've been staring at the text so
long I've got blinders on at this point.

For anyone who does not have a checked-out perforce tree, you can see
the new doc (pdf, html, source) at http://tug.org/~karl/tldoc.

Two questions about the HTML generation with tex4ht:

1) \textsf{texconfig} results in texcon\oslash g in HTML (I mean the
actual character `ø', not \, o, s, etc.).  You can see this in the
title and contents of section 4.1.  Any ideas?

2) The HTML output uses gif files for various things.  Any possibility
   of using jpg or png instead?


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