[tex-live] last p4 changes

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Sun Jul 13 13:37:02 CEST 2003

On Saturday, Jul 12, 2003, at 21:49 Europe/Amsterdam, Fabrice Popineau  

>> Not yet for pdftex. But I'm planning a release in the next fortnight.
> By the way, it seems the pdftex version for MacOSX is still out of
> date (v1.10a). This is a problem at least because of an incompatible
> pool file (1.10a v 1.10b). Is Gerben listening ?


My pdftex is

pdfTeX (Web2C 7.4.5) 3.14159-1.10b

and that is what I currently distribute through the i-Installer  
mechanism. Sebastian normally takes stuff directly from my distribution  
so if the binaries in the distribution are still out of date, this is  
easy to fix.

At all times, the binaries (+ support like include, lib, etc) I compile  
and distribute are in


I regularly update from TeX Live source and update, and I also do it  
when Sebastian asks it from me.

"To be or not to be, that is the question" -- Parmenides

PS. I would still like for teTeX and TeX Live to use the same main  
texmf structur, so either both with or both without the share  
subdirectory. The reason is that it then becomes possible for TeX Live  
(CD) users to update their TeX Live installation with the i-Packages I  
diustribute and which are updated on a more regular basis.

PPS. IMO it would be nice to have a basic texmf structure also in TeX  
Live like this (makes it easier to manage subdistributions etc):


etc. (I prefer the (share) subdir because it so clearly separates the  
texmf stuff from the rest).

in .../texmf.cnf one then sets which tree is the main tree, which is  
the var tree etc. My version looks like this:

% Our directory setup as explained in $SELFAUTOPARENT/share/README.gwtex
% TEXMFMAIN contains the TEXMF tree installed by make install of the  
% TEXMFTE contains the main TEXMF tree from teTeX
TEXMFTE = $SELFAUTOPARENT/share/texmf.tetex
% TEXMFGW contains GW specific defaults and additions
TEXMFGW = $SELFAUTOPARENT/share/texmf.gwtex
% TEXMFLOCAL contains any local system TeXadmin overrides
% $VARTEXMF is where texconfig writes its local settings
% User texmf trees can be catered for like this...
HOMETEXMF = $HOME/Library/texmf

% Our complete search path, the last three are searched through
% ls-R exclusively, which means that you have to run texhash
% after you have added, moved or deleted files in the tree

% If you want to disable the HOME trees, use this:

% The system trees.  These are the trees that are shared by all the  

% Where generated fonts may be written.  This tree is used when the  
% were found in a system tree and either that tree wasn't writable, or  
% varfonts feature was enabled in MT_FEATURES in mktex.cnf.
VARTEXFONTS = /var/tmp/texfonts

% Where to look for ls-R files.  There need not be an ls-R in the
% directories in this path, but if there is one, Kpathsea will use it.
% This is default set to TEXMF+VARTEXFONTS but without HOMETEXMF

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