[tex-live] macs & tex live doc

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 7 12:03:15 CEST 2003

Le lundi, 7 juil 2003, à 02:00 Europe/Paris, Karl Berry a écrit :

Hi Karl,

> Thanks for the info.
>     texlive is *not* usable on these systems, sorry !
> Do the Mac binaries work on pre-MacOSX?

Clearly and definitively, they *don't* work.

>   If so, then it's potentially
> useful (e.g., by copying files by hand), even if the normal 
> installation
> does not work.  If not, then clearly TL is pretty much useless on those
> systems.
>     2 - Foreign stuff on the cd:
> Please, can you, or Gerben, or someone Macish update the necessary
> files?  I don't feel like I should do it since I have no way of knowing
> if it really works, if more files are needed, etc.

You are right ! Unfortunately I don't know how I can update the disk 
images. If Gerben have no time to do it and if somebody could explain 
me the good way, I'll do it.

Michel Bovani

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