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Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jul 6 14:52:33 CEST 2003

Le mardi, 1 juil 2003, à 01:37 Europe/Paris, Karl Berry a écrit :

> Hi Michel,
>     provided the notes about frontends and editors are reported in 
> readme.fr
> I had incorporated the README-MAC-OSX information into README.MAC.
> I also just changed README.MAC to more clearly distinguish the 
> 10.2/10.1
> cases, based on what you said.
> If all this info is in the documentation as well, then I agree we 
> should
> just remove it so we only have to maintain it in one place.  That's my
> goal for this week, to review the main documentation.
> Meanwhile, can you (or anyone) please review the current README.MAC and
> fix anything that needs fixing, or at least tell me if anything's 
> wrong?

1 - Please note that the texlive cd is only usable/installable on macc 
which run macosX.
On older systems, the Joliet extension will permit to *see* the content 
of the cd (and to copy it on the hard disk), but not to use/install the 
cd. As nearly all the stuff on the cd is now zipped, I think it is 
better to say

"Older mac systems (up to MacOS 9.x included): texlive is *not* usable 
on these systems, sorry ! If you want to *see* the content of the cd 
you need to install a System Extension which lets the Mac see the 
Joliet extended filesystem
on this CD. You can get this from http://www.tempel.org/joliet.  (We 
cannot include it in the distribution since it is not free software.)"

2 - Foreign stuff on the cd:
- Gerben's i-installer (MacOSX/tex-thin.dmg): it have been updated (and 
probably renamed). Best to replace this old version by the last one 
II2.dmg which can be found here

- iTeXmac (Jerôme Laurens): MacOSX/iTM-1.1.1.dmg should be replace by 
the lates version which can be found here

- TeXShop (Richard Koch): MacOSX/texshop.dmg should be replaced by the 
latest version which can be found here
Note that a new release will come soon.

> I don't use Macs myself.
Nobody is perfect :-)

Michel Bovani

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