[tex-live] texmf trees directory layout

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Tue Feb 25 13:35:22 CET 2003

Currently, TL just has a texmf directory in the main TeX directory. 
teTeX has share/texmf for the same. I do not use TL here, but I assume 
TL has texmf-local for the local admin stuff as teTeX has 

Now, I have been working for my Mac OS X redistribution (TL for 
binariesm teTeX for the basic texmf tree) to make a setup where the 
'programs' part is completely separated directory-wise from the 
'foundation' tree, to make separet updates possible.

My current setup is:
	share/texmf		- Whatever is installed by 'make install' in TL source
	share/texmf.tetex	- Contents of Thomas' latest teTeX foundation
	share/texmf.gwtex	- Additional packages I redistribute which are not 
in teTeX
	share/texmf.local	- Local admin stuff

Updating binaries replaces TeX/bin, TeX/lib etc and TeX/share/texmf
Updating foundation replaces TeX/share/texmf.tetex and 

This separation works very well. Reinstalling or upgrading first 
removes the part for that install (i.e. updating TeX Porgrams first 
removes TeX/bin, etc and TeX/share/texmf), the same holds for TeX 

But I would like to give people the opportunity to keep a TeX Live 
setup up-to-date (program wise) with my TeX Program distribution using 
i-Installer. TL, however, does not separate the 'program support' part 
(like .pool files) from the 'foundation' part.

I would like to propose for TL to follow my example and separate the 
texmf trees that result from Master (foundation) and Build (program 
support). E.g.:

	texmf-bin			- For the program support part that results from make 
install in Build
	texmf-foundation	- For the Master part
and of course
	texmf-local		- For the local sysdamin part.

This independence is IMO good for structured maintenance. What do 
people think?


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