[tex-live] tl home page

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Sun Feb 23 20:36:38 CET 2003

Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 > > Another question - any reason not to make the live sources
 > > (/home/tlprod/Master) available for reading?  (That is, anon ftp/http.)
 > > Heck, or just /home/tlprod in general, why bother singling out subdirs?
 > Kaja had feelings about this. I cannot remember what I think myself :-}

Doubts rather than feelings :-) The purpose with /home/tlprod has been 
to ease the TeXLive production process (thus the name tlprod) - which 
essentially means building the CD images. Apart from that, tlprod is
a perforce client. And with perforce, the developers get current
software from the main depot (which is not located at tug.org).
I also thought that the entire Master tree was available for http 
from texlive.dante.de, so setting it up on tug.org didn't make sense
to me.

But: I checked texlive.dante.de today and couldn't find the master tree.
Has this been changed or did I think wrong?
Anyway, it changes the picture. 

Making /home/tlprod/Master mirror available to non-developers via ftp
will, I suppose, send a signal that this is a stable and tested 
environment. I am not sure this is the true picture - isn't there lots 
of ongoing work in the Master tree? On the other hand, people will have
an access to the latest stuff. So, let's do it (and hope it won't kill 
the server:)

 > nothing on there is or should be secret.

Nor has there ever been! The binaries, zipped sources and CD images 
have been available at ftp.tug.org for quite a time (sources and images 
are also mirrored by CTAN). 


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