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Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Feb 23 12:30:42 CET 2003

On Sam, 22 Feb 2003, Karl Berry wrote:
> I've tried to get perforce working several times but failed every time.
> Is there any info somewhere on set-these-environment-variables and
> use-this-path and make-these-directories and run-these-commands to be
> able to do tl development?

Quick and dirty:

mkdir /src/texlive
cd /src/texlive
export P4PORT=sun.dante.de:1666
export P4USER=yourusername
# create user
p4 user
# ..edit fields...
export P4CLIENT=..yourclientid...
# userid identifies you as user
# clientid identifies/dIstinguishes several instances for the same user
# I have on user and several clients, one for home (i386) and one for
# the alpha server on the university.
# create client
p4 client
# ...edit fields, or leave them as they are...
# now get the stuff andsome food ,-)
p4 sync

p4 edit filename
# eg cd /src/texlive/p4-base/web/texlive; p4 edit index.html
# or p4 edit /src/texlive/p4-base/web/texlive/index.html
# or cd /src/texlive/p4-base ; p4 edit web/texlive/index.html
# or ... ;-)
# now the file is writeable for you, edit it
# after editing submit it, give explanation
p4 submit

I neveer hat conflict, so I don't know anything about it. Hope this

Best wishes


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