[tex-live] Re: [tex-pretest] Web2C 7.5.2 -- "critical fixes"

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Sat Feb 22 12:17:50 CET 2003

> Web2C 7.5.2 -- "critical fixes" Changes compared to 7.5.1:

> - probably encTeX, but not before the weekend.

I have been caught by enctex and dumping/undumping things for a moment. 
There is this piece of code in texmfmp.h :

/* `dump_int' is called with constant integers, so we put them into a
   variable first.  */
#define	dumpint(x)							\
  do									\
    {									\
      integer x_val = (x);						\
      generic_dump (x_val);						\
    }									\
  while (0)

/* web2c/regfix puts variables in the format file loading into
   registers.  Some compilers aren't willing to take addresses of such
   variables.  So we must kludge.  */
#ifdef REGFIX
#define undumpint(x)							\
  do									\
    {									\
      integer x_val;							\
      generic_undump (x_val);						\
      x = x_val;							\
    }									\
  while (0)
#define	undumpint generic_undump

I find it very strange that both aren't exactly symetric. EncTeX is
dumping a boolean and it was dumped as an int and undumped as a boolean
(different sizes). So be warned. I had to define REGFIX.


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