[tex-live] xdvi VFFONTS

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Feb 21 09:46:53 CET 2003

Actually, this is probably the reason. A long while back someone asked 
me to put this into my distributed texmf.cnf so that xdvi would work:

% files for xdvi. TeXGSInstaller does not support X, but I have been 
told that
% the following lines make it possible for people to use my distribution
PKFONTS.XDvi    = .:$TEXMF/%s:$VARTEXFONTS/pk/{%m,modeless}//
VFFONTS.XDvi    = .:$TEXMF/%s
PSHEADERS.XDvi  = .:$TEXMF/%q{dvips,fonts/type1}//
PSFIGURES.XDvi  = .:$TEXMF/%q{dvips,tex}//
PKFONTS.xdvi    = .:$TEXMF/%s:$VARTEXFONTS/pk/{%m,modeless}//
VFFONTS.xdvi    = .:$TEXMF/%s
PSHEADERS.xdvi  = .:$TEXMF/%q{dvips,fonts/type1}//
PSFIGURES.xdvi  = .:$TEXMF/%q{dvips,tex}//

But it seems to break things.

I probably need no changes at all.


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