[tex-live] Re: Bug in tex4ht call of klibtool on install?

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Tue Feb 18 23:16:26 CET 2003

> > > for p in tex4ht t4ht ; do INSTALL_PROGRAM='/usr/bin/install -c -p' 
> > > ./../klibtool install-prog $p 
> > > /usr/local/Build/TeXLive-X11.stable/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin6.4; done
> just swap the order around in tex4htk/Makefile.in, I
> am correcting in Perforce.

Hm... klibtool was replaced by libtool. It should not be called at
all. Did I miss something in source.development?


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