[tex-live] Can anybody remember what timestamps texinfo needs?

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Mon Feb 17 22:23:14 CET 2003

Hi Karl,

> 1) What I don't understand is why texinfo and only texinfo keeps
>    breaking for this.  What is so special about it?  I don't do anything

Please, don't take this matter personally. texinfo is 100% ok. It is
the perforce server and the way we (or only me?) submit files that
is not ok.

E.g. in my update for texinfo (the one that broke it again), I have
replaced all changed files in my local repository (I needed to open the
files for edit to be able to do so). Then, I have done a local compile
to make sure that I get the timestamps right. Then, I have submitted my
changes to perforce.

That was incomplete, because autoconf/automake have changed the
timestamps of some files locally, but these files have not been
open for edit, to the "submit" did not push them to the perforce

I think that if we take care of changed timestamps and submit these files,
too (in addition to changed files), there should no longer be any problem.

Why it is only texinfo: it is too good. Other parts don't use automake...

> 2) Texinfo is almost completely separate from TeX; I mean, general TeX
>    users usually have no interest in Texinfo, and Texinfo users often
>    have little interest in TeX.  So, you might consider simply dropping
>    Texinfo from teTeX, and then these problems will go away forever :).

Nah, not really... Where is the thrill is we just omit it :-)


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