[tex-live] anon ftp access to TeX Live perforce

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Thu Feb 13 13:06:16 CET 2003

Vladimir Volovich writes:

 > you should connect to port 6666: ftp sun.dante.de 6666

Thanks. Now I can connect, but...

 > (but as i said, even this doesn't work from here)

... it doesn't work from here either. My session log says:

   ftp -d sun.dante.de 6666
   Connected to sun.dante.de.
   220 Perforce p4ftpd FTP Server ready
   Name (sun.dante.de:kaja): anonymous
   ---> USER anonymous
   331 Password required for user anonymous.
   ---> PASS kaja
   230 User anonymous logged in.
   ftp> dir
   ---> PORT 130,225,16,18,210,72
   200 PORT command OK.
   ---> LIST
   150 Opening ASCII mode data connection.
[hangs - nothing happens]
   425 Failed to open data connection.
   500 Syntax error. Command ÿôòABOR not recognised.
   ftp> quit
   ---> QUIT
   221 Goodbye, may Perforce be with you.


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