[tex-live] cleanup

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Feb 12 14:47:38 CET 2003

"SW" == Staszek Wawrykiewicz writes:

 >> 3) remove the following files from tex/generic/config:
 >> language.cy.dat language.cz.dat language.de.dat language.dk.dat
 >> language.es.dat language.et.dat language.fi.dat language.fr.dat
 >> language.gb.dat language.gr.dat language.hr.dat language.hu.dat
 >> language.it.dat language.la.dat language.mn.dat language.ne.dat
 >> language.no.dat language.pl.dat language.pt.dat language.ro.dat
 >> language.ru.dat language.sh.dat language.si.dat language.sw.dat
 >> language.us
 >> since: * they are not used anywhere. they just waste space.  * all
 >> their contents is present in language.dat anyway.

 SW> Not so fast, please ;-). We use that files during installation:
 SW> when the user selects any language package,
 SW> $VARTEXMF/tex/generic/config/ will contain language.dat built
 SW> on-the-fly

oops - i only checked that these files are not used anywhere in the
texmf tree, but i didn't look at the installation process...

 SW> ruhyph.tex -> ruhyphen.tex

this change will be needed in language.ru.dat and language.dat

 SW> as you suggested:

 >> 4) remove the file tex/generic/hyphen/ruhyph.tex since: * it's a
 >> duplication of tex/generic/ruhyphen/ruhyphen.tex (and it's a
 >> source of maintenance errors)

 SW> Ooops, I can recall the discussion with Petr Olsak. ;-)
 SW> Anyway, it's pity that we can't have all patterns in one place
 SW> (even multiple variants) on TL and on CTAN.

yes, ruhyphen and ukrhyph packages contain a number of files, and they
better fit in their own directories under tex/generic.

so, please remove tex/generic/hyphen/ruhyph.tex :)


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