[tex-live] cleanup

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Feb 12 03:26:06 CET 2003


i have some proposals to clean up:

1) remove the following line from fmtutil.cnf:

cyrlatex        tex             language.ru     cyrlatex.ini

    * there's no need for cyrlatex format - it's the same as latex format
    * the above line is incorrect - there's no language.ru file, and
      even if there was one, it would never define patterns for this
      format (because language.dat will be used anyway).

2) remove the file tex/latex/cyrillic/cyrlatex.ini
   (see above - it's the same as latex.ini; it also doesn't belong to
   the cyrillic bundle)

3) remove the following files from tex/generic/config:

language.cy.dat language.cz.dat language.de.dat language.dk.dat
language.es.dat language.et.dat language.fi.dat language.fr.dat
language.gb.dat language.gr.dat language.hr.dat language.hu.dat
language.it.dat language.la.dat language.mn.dat language.ne.dat
language.no.dat language.pl.dat language.pt.dat language.ro.dat
language.ru.dat language.sh.dat language.si.dat language.sw.dat

    * they are not used anywhere. they just waste space.
    * all their contents is present in language.dat anyway.

4) remove the file tex/generic/hyphen/ruhyph.tex
    * it's a duplication of tex/generic/ruhyphen/ruhyphen.tex
      (and it's a source of maintenance errors)
    * it cannot be used stand-alone - it's part of the ruhyphen package
    * aliases already contains the line "ruhyphen.tex ruhyph.tex"


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