[tex-live] texmf/dvips on teTeX-beta and TL8

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sun Feb 9 18:39:13 CET 2003

> I think I have acted on all these now; if
> anyone spots any more texmf/dvips-related stuff,
> let me know

$ diff -ru /t/src/tetex-texmf/dvips/tetex .
Only in /t/src/tetex-texmf/dvips/tetex: hoekwater.map
Only in /t/src/tetex-texmf/dvips/tetex: pxfonts.map
Only in /t/src/tetex-texmf/dvips/tetex: txfonts.map
Only in /t/src/tetex-texmf/dvips/tetex: lucidabr-o.map
Only in /t/src/tetex-texmf/dvips/tetex: lumath-o.map

hoekwater.map, pxfonts.map, txfonts.map are in other locations in your
tree. I think that hoekwater.map is a collection of several fonts that
Taco has made and pxfonts.map, txfonts.map are in tetex, because I have
changed them from the original (to use 8r.enc instead of something else
for the same content).

These lucidabr-o.map / lumath-o.map are a nice addition to Walter's
maps. They provide the Y&Y names which people still get if they use the
macros provided by Y&Y (e.g. for plain tex). This only makes sense,
however, if you also add the aliases for the tfm files (see teTeX's
aliases file).


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