[tex-live] New win32 binaries

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Fri Feb 7 17:40:00 CET 2003

I have uploaded new binaries to :
- the perforce depot for texlive
- ftp://ftp.dante.de/pub/fptex/standalone/binaries-latest-win32.zip

News :
- switched the version to 8.0 for the dlls
- eomega 1.23
- quoted file names for the tex engines (more on this later)
- fixed ht.exe (unfortunately, not yet the very latest tex4ht.c/t4ht.c
files by Eitan)
- fixed various perl scripts : epstopdf, updmap

Things still needed :
- testing the quoted filenames, this is specifically for windows users
who are allowed and used to use spaces in filenames. This practice is
not TeX friendly, but I still think that it is up to TeX to adapt to the
environment. So you are allowed to do something like this :


\input{"sub dir/c d"}
\includegraphics[width=4cm]{"e f"}
\include{"g\space h"}

And that will run ok either with latex or pdflatex. Now the problem is :
are there any really harmful side effects ?

- checking that the files produced by updmap are the same as on Unix

Any report welcome,

Fabrice Popineau
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