[tex-live] explicit calls to fmtutil

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Feb 6 20:06:43 CET 2003


it's a good news that now mostly all 2-line scripts whihc call
(pdfe)tex with different formats were replaced with symlinks.

still, 4 such scripts remain: cslatex, csplain, pdfcslatex,

i have two proposals:

1) remove unneeded explicit calls to fmtutil, i.e. these lines:

cslatex:test -f "`kpsewhich cslatex.fmt`" || fmtutil --byfmt cslatex
csplain:test -f "`kpsewhich csplain.fmt`" || fmtutil --byfmt csplain
pdfcslatex:test -f "`kpsewhich pdfcslatex.fmt`" || fmtutil --byfmt pdfcslatex
pdfcsplain:test -f "`kpsewhich pdfcsplain.fmt`" || fmtutil --byfmt pdfcsplain

   since format will be generated on the fly anyway - tex will call
   mktexfmt is the fmt is not found.

   this can be done immediately, and everything will work fine.

2) provide a possibility to pass command-line parameters to
   tex&friends by default (via texmf.cnf or fmtutil.cnf), so that e.g.
   -default-translate-file=il2-cs could be passed to tex of the
   progname is cslatex.

   then, the remaining 4 scripts could be replaced with symlinks too.


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