[tex-live] "free"ness (was: texlive 8)

Martin Schroeder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Thu Feb 6 00:10:13 CET 2003

On 2003-02-05 20:07:56 +0100, Thomas Esser wrote:
> > If teTeX does not include them, then it is 100% free software.
> > That makes it a lot better than if it weren't 100% free software.
> So, if TeX Live wants to be free software, these files can not be part
> of it.

I'm sorry, but the debian people will move TeX to non-free anyway
(see the debian-legal archives from 2002-07 and 2002-08)
eventually and the recent clarifications by DEK make the reasons
even more clear. So either we get an encyclica from RMS ex
cathedra declaring TeX to be "free" even in view of these
clarifications or I think we should stop caring about some
peoples view of the "free"ness of TeX.

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