[tex-live] texlive 8

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 5 08:55:50 CET 2003

    what if we wanted to release it every 6 months 

2003.1 (Jan), 2003.6 (June).
(Yeah right, release every 6 months, dream on. :)

    or every 2 years?

2003, 2005, ...

    emacs has got to 21 without changing...

It's not the high number per se.  It's that the number increments every
year.  (TUB volume/issue numbers are even worse, don't get me started.)
Emacs 18 was releaseed in the mid 1980's, so it's only gone up by 3 in
18 years ...

I'm not saying it's a major issue, but it does confuse me from time to
time.  In fact I installed TL 7 as /usr/local/texlive8 on my system
because I couldn't remember the number at the time :).

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