[tex-live] TL8 timetable etc.

karl at tug.org karl at tug.org
Wed Apr 23 02:53:10 CEST 2003

I let the extended date for TL 2003 go by when I first saw it:

    > 2. proposed deadline
    DANTE agreed with Lehmanns that the package should be on
    the market in August. The production of CDs/DVD is mainly
    set by printing the cover (~2 weeks), pressing is just 2--3
    days for 7000 copies.

Robin L reminded me today, though, that since the new TL edition has
been available in June the last two years, that's when TUG (and
everyone's?) members are expecting it.

Delaying past June is ok, it's inevitable anyway since Sebastian said
he's tied up through May, but ... where did August come from?  Can we at
least try to make it the beginning of August, or possibly even July

According to the info above, that would mean getting the final cover in
by mid-July (by the way, is Dante producing the cover, Volker, or ...?),
and the final cd master in by late July, according to the info above.

I know that some TL developers are planning to attend TUG 2003, which is
July 20-24.  I wonder if it would be possible to to get the master in
just before that.

Reactions, please?


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