[tex-live] problems with vftovp

Lionel Lovitch lovitch at mail.df.unipi.it
Tue Apr 15 16:34:49 CEST 2003


To use Textures/Latex on my Mac where I have installed AGaramon and 
Optima fonts
I need to create the corresponding pad and pop metric suitcases.
So I need to feed the EdMetrics application with the associated .pl annd 
.vpl files.

Back in my office in the university, where I now use a PC with RedHat 
Linux version 8.0 as OS,
I ran the tftopl application on the unaccompanied .tfm files and there 
was no problem in creating the .pl files.

Instead, when I try running vftovp on the pairs of .tfm and .vf files I 
get into serious trouble:
I receive reports of "Bad VF file: Character ... in font 0 will be 
ignored" on standard error output.
I am attaching two examples of this error output with the pairs of .tfm 
and .vf files of the pop package
together with a copy of the vftovp application I am using.

Can you please advise me how to proceed?

thanks and best regards
lionel lovitch
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