[tex-live] crunch time re versions

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Thu Apr 10 13:02:20 CEST 2003

Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 > What is the assembled opinion about whether to 
 >  a) freeze TeX Live versions of software at their present state
 >  b) upgrade to what is now in source.development
 >  c) delay TeXLive 8 until the new TeX is in
 > ? I think we need to decide now, and get some new compiling
 > done if necessary.
 > my inclination is for b).

The changes to TeX are very small. Besides, DEK's recommendation 
(as of Dec 2002) is that:

  Everybody who distributes TeX systems should prepare updates 
  to their releases, as soon as possible.

[see:   http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/news.html ]

So, my inclination is for c).


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