[tex-live] crunch time re versions

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Wed Apr 9 23:56:55 CEST 2003

> > What is the assembled opinion about whether to a) freeze TeX Live
> > versions of software at their present state b) upgrade to what is now
> > in source.development c) delay TeXLive 8 until the new TeX is in
> New TeX is in source.development. Pending problems :
> - glu optimization introduced in new tex.web should propagate to etex
> and pdftex,

I'd say to make a TeX Live 8 with just the components that are stable
now plus possibly a few changes (which is almost what you have as a).

I don't think that we'll get a tested new etex and omega in time now,
so that new tex.web should not go to stable right now. So, I'd vote
against b).

As for c) somebody else should decide that. I just can say that for the
moment, the stuff based on the old tex.web would be better.

> - pdftex switched from 1.10b (stable for a moment) to 1.11a recently.

I have not yet looked at the changes, but we should ask Martin, if he
can make a new stablke 1.11 release before we want to freeze things.
If he can, we should switch. If he can't, then not.

I also have a few things in my queue which could go to "stable", but
I'll need a few days to check them in.


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