[tex-live] IfFileExists problem? Only on Mac OS X?

Gerben Wierda Sherlock@rna.nl
Sat, 28 Sep 2002 10:54:18 +0200

The class g-brief.sty includes certain files only if they are found:

\ifx \eurofontname\eurofontnone
     {Can't load package marvosym.sty !!!}}
   \def\Telefon#1{\def\telefon{#1}} \def\telefon{}
\ifx \eurofontname\eurofontnone
     {Can't load package europs.sty !!!}}
\ifx \eurofontname\eurofontnone
     {Can't load package eurosym.sty !!!}}

Now, on my system where I run a setup based on teTeX's texmf tree, 
europs.sty and eurosym.sty are not available, but marvosym.sty is. When 
I use g-brief in for instance this file (reported to me):

======================================== t1.tex


\Name		{Person}
\Strasse		{Muster Str. 8}
\Ort			{99999 Samplestadt}
\Land		{Deutschland}
\RetourAdresse{bla bla bla}
\Telefon		{999999-999999}
\Telefax		{fax fax}
\EMail		{\texttt{person@t-online.de}}
\Adresse{		Big GmbH \& Co. KG\\
			Kunden Service Center\\
			Postfach 938373\
			\textbf{44713 Hierstadt}}

\Anrede		{Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,}
\Gruss		{Mit freundlichen Gruessen}{1cm}
\Unterschrift	{Person}
\Betreff		{bla}
\Anlagen		{}
\Verteiler		{}


bla bla bla

======================================== t1.tex

and I run pdflatex or latex on it, I get:

Document Class: g-brief 2002/02/16 v3.0 g-brief class
Document Class: letter 1999/04/29 v1.2z Standard LaTeX document class

! Class g-brief Error: Can't load package europs.sty !!!.

See the g-brief class documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.388 \fi


The same happens when I remove marvosym.sty and run texhash, it will 
complain about not being able to load marvosym. The file is definitely 
not there, but I get an error because g-brief is trying to load it 
anyway. \IfFileExists seems not to work here.

Is this a problem with Mac OS X only? Or does it show up at other sites 
also? Can people test this by making sure europs.sty is temporarily 
unavailable and see what happens when the file above is compiled?