[tex-live] Problem with \textsl and times, can this be confirmed?

Gerben Wierda Sherlock@rna.nl
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:58:39 +0200

Take the following latex file:


\title{Brief Article}
\author{The Author}

Here is some text.

Uncomment \textsl{this\/} line to see my problem.

Here is the last bit of text.


When I compile this using pdflatex everything is fine. But when I 
compile this using latex+dvips+ghostscript the PDF output is all 
garbage. The results can be seen at

	ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/comp/macosx/showproblem.pdflatex.pdf (ok)
	ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/comp/macosx/showproblem.ps (the output of dvips)

Since I am using a combined setup of TeXLive for the binaries (source 
tree as of Sep 10, 2002) and teTeX for the texmf tree (beta as of Sep 6 
2002) I have posted this question on both tetex and texlive lists.

It looks like either dvips of the distiller process (from ghostscript) 
is to blame. There are no obvious clues in the log of the processes. A 
test with a different distiller (PStill) has been inconclusive as it 
seems not to make entire garbage, but it also cannot find the font (and 
it is thus using courier instead). The PStill test does suggest, though, 
that it is a distiller issue. However, I would like to be sure.

I would like people to have a look at above files and to try to 
reproduce this problem so I can be sure it is not dvips that is to blame.