[tex-live] TeXLive with WindowsXP

Horstmarho@aol.com Horstmarho@aol.com
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 09:58:07 EDT

I have installed TeXLive6b (09/2001) on my hard disk. First I tried TeXLive7 
(6/2002) which did not work.My editor is WinEdt5. The system works fine well 
but I ave two small problems you could possibly help me to solve:

1. I would like to customize the LaTeX error function for WinEdt but I cannot 
find the file miktex.ini in which some changes should be made: 

2. I would like to run WinEdt in the Background Execution Mode which works 
only with MikTeX2. Is TeXLive6b based on MikTeX2?

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