[tex-live] texlive7 and MacOSX

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Sun, 26 May 2002 08:35:02 +0200

> > Since the official scripts now support darwin, I suggest to use it
> > and adjust the rest (i.e. install-cd.sh) to comply with it.
> can anyone outline to me what changes are needed in install-cd.sh?

config.guess is used together with patterns in "case" constructs to set
the current platform which is later used in various places in the script.
So, changes to config.guess need to match the patterns.

In the following, take care about "-" vs. "_"...

Your hand-modified config.guess sets
whereas the net-version sets

So, you just need to replace in the following "case":
  powerpc_darwin5*)   usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=powerpc_darwin53;;
  powerpc-darwin5*)   usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=powerpc_darwin53;;
That's it about the MacOS/X issue.

The next thing to make sure, is that the new config.guess also works
with the other patterns used in install-cd-[12].sh:

    *86-linux*)         usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=i386_linux;;
#    hppa1.[01]-hpux*)  usrprefix=/opt ;varprefix=/usr/local ;Sys=hppa20_hpux1020;;
    mips-irix6.*)       usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=mips_irix65;;
    rs6000-aix4.[123]*) usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=powerpc_aix4330;;
    powerpc-aix4.[123]*) usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=powerpc_aix4330;;
    sparc-solaris2.[5678]*)  usrprefix=/opt ;varprefix=/usr/local ;Sys=sparc_solaris27;;
    alphaev5*-osf4*)    usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=alphaev5_osf40d;;
    alpha*-linux*)      usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=alphaev5_linux;;
    *86-solaris*)               usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=i386_solaris;;

I think that these pattern seem to work with the usual 'net versions
of onfig.guess, but as a general advice; I think that less restrictive
pattern hardly hurt. Since you only have one version for sparc-solaris,
you could make the pattern

If someone comes with a sparc-solaris2.4 system, the installer will try
the only set which might work. This is better than not trying anything at
all. The documentation should list the tested systems, but the installer
should allow anything that *might* work.

I'd make the pattern the following way:

    *86-linux*)     usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=i386_linux;;
#    hppa1.*-hpux*)  usrprefix=/opt ;varprefix=/usr/local ;Sys=hppa20_hpux1020;;
    mips-irix*)     usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=mips_irix65;;
    rs6000-aix*)    usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=powerpc_aix4330;;
    powerpc-aix*)   usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=powerpc_aix4330;;
    sparc-solaris*) usrprefix=/opt ;varprefix=/usr/local ;Sys=sparc_solaris27;;
    alphaev*-osf*)  usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=alphaev5_osf40d;;
    alpha*-linux*)  usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=alphaev5_linux;;
    *86-solaris*)   usrprefix=/usr ;varprefix=/var ;Sys=i386_solaris;;

I am quite sure that the 'net version of config.guess will work fine
with these patterns...