[tex-live] CM-Super font package v0.3.3 released

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Sat, 25 May 2002 18:36:10 +0400


i've released the CM-Super font package v0.3.3

major changes:

* Added Computer Modern Bright super-fonts: 19 *.pfb and *.afm.gz
  files, and corresponding entries in the MAP files.

* Generated precise (non-integer) widths for Concrete fonts.
  (which were forgotten in previous version)

see ChangeLog for other changes.

So, now CM-Super package supports the following TeX fonts:

* all EC fonts (T1 encoding)
* all TC fonts (TS1 encoding)
* all EC/TC Concrete fonts (T1/TS1 encodings)
* all EC/TC Bright fonts (T1/TS1 encodings)
* LH fonts matching font families of EC fonts (T2A/T2B/T2C/X2 encodings)
* LH fonts for Concrete font families (T2A/T2B/T2C/X2 encodings)
* LH fonts for CM-Bright font families (T2A/T2B/T2C/X2 encodings)

There are 434 Type 1 outline fonts (*.pfb) in the CM-Super font set,
and they cover 2536 TeX fonts!
[however, currently 25 Type 1 fonts are still missing]

changes in PFB files: 14 files for Concrete fonts were changed, and 19
new files for Bright fonts were added. All other files did not change.

The CM-Super font package should be mirrored tomorrow to