Update on font problem, was: Re: [tex-live] xdvi - bad news

Stefan Ulrich stefan.ulrich@elexir.de
Sat, 25 May 2002 13:35:37 +0200

[ CCed also to Nicolai for comments; please see end of message ]

Janusz S Bień <jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl> writes:

> On Fri, 24 May 2002  Stefan Ulrich <stefan.ulrich@elexir.de> wrote:
>> I've now got the fonts from TeXLive working properly on my
>> system, but since I'm running TeXLive from the CD image and
>> haven't actually installed anything (such as fonts) on local
>> disk, my setup might be slightly different ... 

> I am confused, as I'm also running TeXLive from the CD image. My image
> is texlive7-1-20000520.iso. Do you use an earlier or later image?

Same: texlive7-1-20020520.iso (I guess `2000' was a typo)

It seems to me that in TeXLive, not all type1 fonts are
configured by default for use with xdvi, since ps2pk map doesn't
contain the lines for the plr* fonts, and updmap.cfg is pretty
empty as well. Is there some separate step needed to `install'/
activate these fonts? I couldn't find anything on that in the
TeXLive documentation; maybe someone who knows TeXLive better can
comment on that?

So, to sum up your problem (for the list, and for Nicolai): The
reason why you see wrong characters in your DVI file is that in
TeXLive, fonts like plr10.pfb are in a non-standard encoding, but
ps2pk.map doesn't contain the lines (which are only present in
dvips/pl/pl.map) like:

plr10 PLRoman10-Regular "encplrm ReEncodeFont" <plrm.enc <plr10.pfb

The reason why I couldn't reproduce your problem initially with
teTeX is that there, fonts like plr10.pfb are named and encoded
differently, and the .map entry (in psfonts.map in that case)
doesn't require any re-encoding:

plr10 PLR10 <plr10.pfb

Now, xdvi (in find_T1_font()) first tries to find a font in the
map file, and if this doesn't work it tries to find the font by
its name on disk. The second succeeds in the case of plr10.pfb,
but of course no re-encoding is done in this case, so the wrong
characters are displayed with TeXLive.

Could you please put a copy of ps2pk.map that additionally
contains all lines from dvips/pl/pl.map into a place where xdvi
finds it, e.g.  do:
   export TEXINPUTS=".:"
and put the copy of ps2pk.map into the current working directory.
Is your DVI file rendered correctly now?

Nicolai: Maybe this problem shows that the raw fontname (the
`second' case in find_T1_font()) shouldn't be used as a fallback
(or not always, but only if it's a `known' fontname/encoding such
as cmr)? What cases was it supposed to cover originally?