[tex-live] Re: recent image on W2K - old and new problems

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Wed, 22 May 2002 18:53:22 +0200

> >From my point of view, now it is very important checking why
> windvi canot start mktexpk->gsftopk for fonts *already* registered
> in $VARTEXMF/dvips/config/config.ps (but dvips uses them well).

The reason is that the map files are not generated by my updmap script. My
updmap approach assumes everything in one map file for each application
(at least as far as the system-wide configuration is concerned). The map
files should only be known to updmap and not listed in the configuration
of each application (dvips, pdftex, xdvi, gsftopk).

But currently, we have on TeX Live:

In config.ps:
  % A minimal psfonts.map. all others are added at install time
  p psfonts.map
  p +aifonts.map
  p +antp.map
  p +antt.map
  p +ascii.map

In pdftex.cfg:
  map pdftex.map
  map +aifonts.map
  map +antp.map
  map +antt.map
  map +ascii.map

So, one has to make sure that either ps2pk.map and psfonts_pk.map have
everything that xdvi / gsftopk need or add the additional map files to

IMHO, the right thing would be to
  - add all the map "modules" to updmap.cfg (as Map or MixedMap resp.)
  - recreate psfonts.map, pdftex.map, ps2pk.map be running updmap
  - remove all "p" and "p +" lines from config.ps
  - remve all "map +" lines from pdftex.cfg