[tex-live] texlive7 and MacOSX

Gerben Wierda sherlock@rna.nl
Mon, 20 May 2002 14:24:49 +0200

> I suggest to Sebastian to put bash-osx.tar.gz in MACOSX directory. No 
> need
> of a compiler.
> just launch terminal and type
> sudo tar xvzf <path>/bash-osx.tar.gz
> and bash will be installed (I know that some mac users dislike 
> terminal, but
> in fact, macOSX is not presently usable without terminal, and bash
> installation procedure may be easily documented).

For most users of my TeX distribution and a front end like TeXShop.app, 
the use of Terminal is completely unnecessary. That is the whole idea 
behind it.

> Yes, but sh seems to be unable to run the cd-install script. If it is a
> zsh-sh emulation problem, it will not be easy to get the script to work
> without bash.

Probably not, so bash binaries could be shipped with the system. Maybe 
even better, I could provide a bash-installer (no need to go to 
Terminal.app at all).