[tex-live] tldoc

Staszek Wawrykiewicz StaW@guests.ipipan.gda.pl
Sun, 19 May 2002 04:15:36 +0200 (CEST)

Many thanks for changes.

> Yes, I wish Janusz would be more realistic in his expectations...
> > As I already wrote, only small set of map files, declared in
> > $VARTEXMF/dvips/config/config.ps, is taken, so Polish users wanting
> > to test file which use qfonts or antt have to add declarations by hand.
> this does not sound right. if you install package "antp", then
>  a) under Windows the line p +antp.map is added to config.ps
>  b) under Unix, antp.map is added to updmap.cfg
>     and updmap is run to rebuild psfonts.map

We are talking about `Run TeX off CD-ROM' setup, *not* installation
which works well and adds map files. I've tried that several times and
$VARTEXMF/dvips/config/config.ps contains only predefined set
of maps. If I want to try an example using antp, I have to add
p +antp.map by hand (in such situation I found the problem with file

> anyone can run makeimage who has an account on www.tug.org

Account on www.tug.org is the same as my account on tug.org ?

so html files still read the *old* Welcome-to-TeXLive.gif :(
.jpg file is not referenced, so obsolete here.

As I wrote, let's do again the previous scheme:
  \ifnum \Status=1 % this is for PDF embeded graphics
    \ifnum \Status=2 % this is for HTML
\includegraphics[bb=20 20 575 432]{../pictures/Welcome-to-TeXLive.gif}
    \else            % this is for PS
% etc...

So again to conclude, in Build/cdbuild/tldocsource/:
1. rm ./pictures/*
2. cp english/examples/*.gif pictures/
3. rm /home/tlprod/Master/texmf/doc/tldoc/pictures/*
4. copy here .gif files from tldocsource/pictures/
5. texhash

Of course examples/ can contain all intermediate files like .eps, .gif,

Staszek Wawrykiewicz
email: staw@gust.org.pl