[tex-live] last minute updates

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja@daimi.au.dk
Sat, 18 May 2002 19:06:38 +0200

[Sebastian, sorry for double posting]

Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 > ok, now you can point at texmf/doc/html/faq/ for the UKTUG
 > FAQ.


 > TeX on the web could include pdfscreen, TeX4ht, hyperref,

ok, I've had these already.

Some of the documentation is unavailable in .dvi, .pdf or .ps format.
I miss documentation for docstrip, inputenc, wasysym, stmaryrd,
babel (from doc/generic/babel), setspace, float and endfloat.
Is there room for adding these? 

Fabrice mentioned documents in .ps.gz format. Unfortunately, texdoctk 
complains about these with 'ERROR gz: not a known document format'. 
Two of these are currently in the .dat file: amsguide.ps.gz and 
epslatex.ps.gz. Maybe uncompress or replace with .dvi or .pdf for TL7?

A list of what I have so far is attached below. Note changed names
for three categories:

  Fundamentals/general references -> Manuals/general references
  Administration                  -> Fundamentals
  Floating objects/captions       -> Floats


@Manuals/general references
 usrguide.dvi        User's guide (LaTeX2e for authors)
 lshort.dvi          Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
 index.html          Hypertext Help with LaTeX commands
 symbols-a4.pdf      Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List
 index.html          English FAQ from UK TUG
 pdftex-a.pdf        pdfTeX User Manual
 pdfTeX-FAQ.pdf      pdfTeX FAQ
 mp-cb-en.pdf        Introduction to ConTeXt
 setup-en.pdf        ConTeXt Commands
 screnggu.dvi        KOMA-Script User's Guide
 eplain.dvi          Expanded Plain TeX
 etex_man.dvi        e-TeX Manual
 doc-1.8.dvi         Omega draft manual
 amsguide.ps.gz      AMS LaTeX Guide
 index.html          The TeX Catalogue Online
 CTAN.sites          CTAN sites

 tds.dvi             TeX Directory Structure
 kpathsea.pdf        kpathsea library manual
 cfgguide.html       LaTeX2e configuration guide
 fontinst.pdf        Font installation in TeX (fontinst)
 TETEXDOC.dvi        teTeX manual

@Macro programming
 clsguide.dvi        Class/package writing fundamentals
 at.dvi              New commands with the @ symbol (at)
 twoopt.pdf          Define commands with 2 optional arguments (twoopt)
 xspace.dvi          Space control after macros (xspace)
 doafter.dvi         TeX group handling (doafter)
 somedefs.dvi        Use selected definitions of package (somedefs)
 everysel.dvi        Execute something after every new font loading (everysel)
 everyshi.dvi        Execute something before page shipout (everyshi)
 localloc.dvi        Enhanced register allocation macros (localloc)
 btxhak.dvi          BIBTeX Hacker's Guide (bibtex)
 modguide.dvi        Modifying LaTeX

@Accessory programs
 README.txt          Collection of BibTeX tools
 dvips.pdf           Dvips: DVI to PostScript
 dvipdfm.dvi         Dvipdfm: DVI to PDF
 btxdoc.dvi          BIBTeX documentation (bibtex)
 ind.dvi             MakeIndex: Index preparation
 texinfo.pdf         Texinfo
 web2c.pdf           Introduction to web2c
 xdvi.dvi            Xdvi: DVI previewer for for X Window System

@Fonts / Metafont
 mf.dvi              Metafont (mf)
 fntguide.dvi        General font usage
 fontname.pdf        Reference list of font names
 fontsmpl.dvi        T1 font encoding overview (t1enc)
 textfit.dvi         Scaling text (textfit)
 relsize.sty         Relative font sizes (relsize)
 type1cm.txt         Scalable type 1 CM fonts (type1cm)
 cmtt.dvi            Special CM typewriter encoding (cmtt)
 euler.dvi           AMS Euler fonts (euler)
 lucidabr.txt        LaTeX support for Lucida Bright fonts (lucidabr)
 mathtime.txt        Math Time fonts (mathtime/mathpi)
 README              Belleek fonts (belleek)
 dsdoc.dvi           Doublestroke fonts for sets (dstroke)
 marvodoc.dvi        Marvosym symbol fonts (marvosym)
 beton.dvi           Automatic use of Concrete fonts (beton)
 bm.dvi              Bold math symbols (bm)
 mfonts.pdf          Fonts in ConTeXt
 mflogo.dvi          The logo font family (mflogo)

@Languages/national specials
 cyrguide.dvi        Cyrillic languages in LaTeX
 dinbrief.dvi        DIN letter (dinbrief)
 gerdoc.dvi          German styles (old/new orthography)
 g-brief.dvi         German, alternative letter style (g-brief)
 usergrps.html       National TeX User Groups

@General layout
 geometry-a4.pdf     Page layout (geometry)
 fix2col.dvi         Bugfix for two-column typesetting (fix2col)
 multicol.dvi        Multiple columns (multicol)
 fancyhdr.pdf        Page headers/footers/numbering (fancyhdr)
 titlesec.dvi        Chapter/section headings 1 (titlesec)
 anysize.dvi         Margin sizes (anysize)
 ragged2e.dvi        Ragged margins (ragged2e)
 shapepar.sty        Shaped paragraphs (shapepar)
 crop.txt            Crop marks (crop)
 layman.pdf          Visual layout control (layouts)
 layout.dvi          Display layout parameters (layout)

@Floating objects/captions
 capt-of.sty         Captions, faked (capt-of)
 caption.dvi         Figure captions (caption)
 floatflt.dvi        Floating figures (floatflt)
 examples.dvi        Floats, rotated (rotfloat)
 afterpage.dvi       Expand float command after current page (afterpage)
 placeins.sty        Place floats "in place" (placeins)

 picinpar.dvi        Small pictures in paragraphs 2 (picinpar)
 wrapfig.sty         Wrap text around figures (wrapfig)
 epslatex.ps.gz      Using imported graphics in LaTeX2e (epslatex)
 grfguide.dvi        PS and other graphics (graphics/graphicx)
 mpman.pdf           MetaPost Manual
 mpgraph.pdf         MetaPost graphics tutorial
 pfgguide.dvi        Insert LaTeX constructs in PS figures (PSfrag)
 pspicture.dvi       Extended picture environment (pspicture)
 eepic.dvi           epic picture environment extensions (eepic)
 xyguide.pdf         XYpic User Guide (xypic)
 xyrefer.pdf         XYpic Reference Manual (xypic)
 texdraw.pdf         TeXDraw: advanced drawing using PS (texdraw)
 treedoc.dvi         Tree diagrams (trees)
 crop.txt            Crop marks (crop)

 prosper-doc.pdf     Prosper: A manual for the prosper class
 prosper-tour.pdf    Prosper: A tour of Prosper facilities
 sem-user.dvi        Slides/foils (seminar)

@Tables, arrays and lists
 longtable.dvi       Large tables 1 (longtable)
 tabularx.dvi        Modification of tabular column widths (tabularx)
 colortbl.dvi        Coloured tables (colortbl)
 dcolumn.dvi         Alignment on decimal point (dcolumn)
 multirow.sty        Table entry spanning multiple rows (multirow)
 hhline.dvi          Single/double lines in tables (hhline)
 booktabs.dvi        Nice table style manipulation (booktabs)
 threeparttable.sty  Table divided into caption, body, notes (threeparttable)
 array.dvi           Extended tabular and array environments 1 (array)
 mdwtab.dvi          Extended tabular and array environments 2 (mdwtab)
 blkarray.sty        Extended tabular and array environments 3 (blkarray)
 wrapfig.sty         Wrap text around tables (wrapfig)
 delarray.dvi        Arrays with delimiters (delarray)
 tabls.sty           Keep text from touching other text/hlines (tabls)
 mdwlist.dvi         Additional list environments/commands (mdwlist)
 enumerate.dvi       Extended enumeration style (enumerate)
 greekctr.sty        Greek letters as \alph-style counters (greekctr)

@ToC, index and glossary
 titlesec.dvi        Layout of table of contents (titletoc)
 multitoc.dvi        Multi-column table of contents/tables/figures (multitoc)
 minitoc.dvi         Tables of contents/tables/figures at beginning of chapter (minitoc)
 makeindex.dvi       MakeIndex
 multind.sty         Multiple indexes (multind)

 btxdoc.dvi          BIBTeX documentation (bibtex)
 natbib.dvi          Bibliography with author-year or numerical style (natbib)
 natnotes.dvi        natbib reference sheet
 cite.sty            Number-only citations/compressed references (cite)
 overcite.sty        Superscript number-only citations/compressed references (overcite)
 citesort.sty        Variant of cite with sorted citations (citesort)
 chapterbib.sty      Multiple bibliographies in document (chapterbib)
 footbib.dvi         References as footnotes (footbib)
 drftcite.sty        Use citation labels instead of numbers in drafts (drftcite)
 makebst.dvi         Bibliography customization (custom-bib/makebst)
 README.txt          Collection of BibTeX tools

 amsldoc.dvi         AMS LaTeX manual
 symbols-a4.pdf      LaTeX symbol table
 amsclass.faq        AMS FAQ
 technote.dvi        Technical notes on AMSLaTeX 2.0
 amsthdoc.dvi        AMS theorem environment (amsthm)
 thmtest.dvi         amsthm example
 theorem.dvi         Extended theorem style (theorem)
 mdwtab.dvi          Equation alignment (mathenv)
 subeqn.dvi          Equation subnumbering and primes
 mdwmath.dvi         Square root without vinculum (mdwmath)
 comma.sty           numbers with comma every 3 digits (comma)
 amsfndoc.pdf        AMS Fonts
 bm.dvi              Bold math symbols (bm)
 concmath.dvi        Concrete Math fonts (concmath)
 dsdoc.dvi           Doublestroke fonts for sets (dstroke)
 euler.dvi           AMS Euler fonts (euler)

@Special text elements
 footnote.dvi        Footnotes 2 (footnote)
 ftnright.dvi        Footnotes in a multi-column layout (ftnright)
 footnpag-user.dvi   Page-per-page footnote numbering (footnpag)
 greekctr.sty        Greek letters as \alph-style counters (greekctr)
 varioref.dvi        References to figures, equations etc. (varioref)
 xr.dvi              References to external documents (xr)
 showkeys.dvi        Show reference keys in text (showkeys)
 syntax.dvi          Typesetting syntactic items (syntax)
 hypbmsec.pdf        Bookmarks in sectioning commands (hypbmsec)
 soul.txt            Letterspacing, underlining etc. (soul)
 ulem.sty            Several underlining styles (ulem)
 url.sty             Typeset URLs, emails, paths etc. verbatim 1 (url)
 path.sty            Typeset URLs, emails, paths etc. verbatim 2 (path)
 prelim2e.dvi        Mark preliminary versions of document (prelim2e)
 shapepar.sty        Shaped paragraphs (shapepar)

@Verbatim and code printing
 verbatim.dvi        Extension to verbatim 1/comments (verbatim)
 sverb.dvi           Extension to verbatim printing 3 (sverb)
 listings.dvi        Source code printing (listings)
 algorithms.dvi      Algorithm schemes (algorithms)

@Auxiliary tools
 plain.sty           Plain TeX code in LaTeX (plain)
 pagesel.pdf         Select pages for output (pagesel)
 count1to.dvi        Page number marks for extraction (count1to)
 version.sty         Include/exclude parts of document (version)
 verbatim.dvi        Comment out parts of text 1 (verbatim)
 comment.sty         Comment out parts of text 2 (comment)
 fileerr.dvi         Avoid fatal file not found errors (fileerr)
 calc.dvi            Infix notation arithmetic in LaTeX (calc)
 alphalph.pdf        Convert numbers to letters
 typehtml.dvi        Process HTML code (typehtml)
 texnames.sty        Typeset names of TeX and METAFONT programs (texnames)
 mltex.txt           MLTeX

@TeX on the Web
 manual.pdf          Hyperlinks in LaTeX (hyperref)
 mn.html             TeX4ht: LaTeX and TeX for Hypertext
 manual-print.pdf    PDFscreen: Manual

@Extended TeX projects
 index.html          The LaTeX3 project
 pdftex-a.pdf        pdfTeX User Manual
 etex_man.dvi        e-TeX - extended TeX
 doc-1.8.dvi         Omega system: draft documentation

 mp-cb-en.pdf        Introduction to ConTeXt
 setup-en.pdf        ConTeXt Commands
 mtexutil.pdf        ConTeXt: TeXutil explained
 mtexexec.pdf        ConTeXt: TeXexec explained
 mfonts.pdf          Fonts in ConTeXt
 metafun-p.pdf       Fun with MetaPost

 musixdoc.dvi        Using TeX to write music (musixtex)
 screnggu.dvi        KOMA-Script User's Guide
 examdoc.dvi         Exam class (exam)
 labels.dvi          Labels for envelopes (labels)
 instr-l.dvi         AMS book/paper typesetting intructions
 manual.html         XML parser implemented in TeX (xmltex)
 pndoc.dvi           Petri-nets packages
 live.pdf            TeXLive documentation