[tex-live] texlive7 and MacOSX

Michel Bovani michel.bovani@wanadoo.fr
Sat, 18 May 2002 17:46:12 +0200

Le 18/05/02 17:41, « Sebastian Rahtz »
<sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk> a écrit :

> On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 04:23:26PM +0200, Michel Bovani wrote:
>>   <A> Intel x86 with GNU/Linux
>>   <B> Windows 95 or NT
>>   <C> Mac OSX/Darwin 5.3
>>   <R>   return to main menu
>>   <Q>   quit
>> Select the platform you are currently on: C
>> expr: syntax error
> this does not look to me like the same error?

Well, I had the same error with the old script... In fact when launched, the
script does not detect any platform and I must use the P command to select

If I immediately type I, I obtain (sorry for not pointing that)

Enter command: I
Preparing destination directories... Done preparing.
prepare_dirs: parse error: condition expected: = [42]
[localhost:/Volumes/TeXLive-7-20020515] mbova%

If I select the platform, I get this error when typing C, but mac platform
is actually selected, and the script exits after the prepare_dirs procedure
(except if I remove the trap line from the script).

There are many blank lines in my last mail, but if you go at the end you
will see :

Enter command: I
Preparing destination directories... Done preparing.

TeX Live can be used on multiple systems
as a separate subdirectory is used for each
installed binary package in /usr/TeX/bin.

[localhost:/Volumes/TeXLive-7-20020515] mbova% ls -R /usr/TeX/
texmf     texmf-var



pk  tfm


[localhost:/Volumes/TeXLive-7-20020515] mbova%

> if you run it with -x, can you see exactly which line it is on?

do you mean install-cd.sh -x ? (sorry like many mac users I am a bit new to

> you might prefer to look at MacOSX/TeX-thin.dmg, however.

Yes, of course... But I must present tex distribs on OSX at the next
GUTenberg conference. Of course I will present Gerben's teTeX, and as
Fabrice and Daniel will present tl7 installation on win and linux, I hope be
able to do the same for OSX...

Michel Bovani