[tex-live] The Plan

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat, 18 May 2002 16:29:04 +0100

Staszek and Fabrice both urgently suggest to me that we need
to enter endgame with TeX Live 7. I agree, so I propose this plan:

 a) You have 24 hours to make suggestions for change,
     submit last minute package updates, etc, based
     on todays ISO images
 b) tomorrow evening I will make final candidate release ISO images
 c) you have 6 days to test them
 d) next weekend I will review reports and make changes
    which are unequivocally necessary
 e) the images go public on Monday 27th, and TL7 is frozen

Over the coming week, those preparing documentation
should continue to submit material to Perforce, working
in //depot/Build/cdbuild/tldocsource/ as needed. I hope
that Kaja will also put in a revised texdoctk.dat during
the week.

If you find a problem during testing, please don't 
just say "it doesn't work"; if you possibly can, 
send a precise recommendation of what to fix, and exactly how.

I hope everyone is happy to proceed on this basis! Personally,
I think we are doing well with testing this year (especially
Staszek's heroic efforts....), and we look set to deliver
a stable system.

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