[tex-live] [HELP!!!] Re: problems with image 20020516 on W2K - still not Live? :-(

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
Fri, 17 May 2002 21:52:24 +0200

* Janusz S Bie <jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl> writes:

>> Unfortunately, Sebastian build the image a few minutes before I
>> submit new binaries...

> The only change I noticed in the image 20020516 is that now I can
> leave the loop. Perhaps there is no time now for it, but Explore
> CD-Rom -> Choose an editor should have a submenu: NT Emacs ...
> other

Something I really do not understand there : in _my TeXLive.exe_, here
is what I get :

- Menu Explore CD-Rom
       item Browse CD-Rom (functional)
       item Select a text editor (functional)
       item Run TeX off CD-Rom (disabled)
       item Cleanup CD-Rom (disabled)

There is not any more 'Chose an editor'. Selecting a text-editor
offers a standrad OpenFile dialog box into "c:\Program Files" and
enabling the selection of some .exe file.

If you select an existing .exe file, then the disabled menus are
enabled. You can run TeX. Obviously I have no way to :
- guess if your .exe is actually an editor (should I hardwire the list
of known editors and reject any .exe that does not match ?),
- guess for all of
WinEdt/WinShell/Emacs/XEmacs/PFE/WinTeXShell/... where the user could
have installed them.

_Do you get this kind of behaviour on your cdrom ? If not, there is
something wrong there and we need to find out why._

> If NT Emacs is not in a path, its installation should be offered to
> the user.

The user can install any of the support packages from the Install
menu. Some subitems are enabled if the 'Enable Internet access'
subitem has been successfully checked.

>> >> Experiment 2:
>> >> 
>> >> I choose <Explore CD-Rom> <Browse CD-Rom> and nothing happens.

> Works now.

At last something that is working ;-)

>>  >> Experiment 3:
>> >> 
>> >> I choose <Documentation> <Run TeXDocTK> > <Fundamentals/general
>> references> <User's guide> <View>

> Works better, but not fully correct. Almost always I get the message
> like this:

> Requested documentation not found in a specified place, check
> e:\texmf/texdoctk/texdoc-local.dat.  Looking for lshort.dvi
> elsewhere in e:\tex,f/doc..

The real problem is the database. Kaja has sent an updated one today.

> If the file looked for has an ambiguous name, like index.html for
> English FAQ, a wrong file is displayed.



> Then I stopped testing.

Same conclusion here. My opinion : 
- integrate the needed information into the tpm files
- make texdoctk parse them

We will have much more info available this way. The problem is to
maintain this.

>> Will fix it. But submit only tomorrow (too huge from home).

> What about the documentation files, ChangeLog etc.?

I have submitted this morning an updated zip file with everything.

> Installing NT Emacs in "Program Files" seems to me a step backwards:
> what about a non-priviliged user on W2K? If you don't want Emacs
> Live on CD, you should provide for him another option.

Priviliges have been taken into account:
- for power users and administrators (members of), it is offered to
install into "c:\Program Files", the 'install for all users' options
is checked, and menus, file association and so on are made available
to everybody
- if no such privileges are found for the user running TeXSetup.exe,
it is offered to install in "c:\\" (but the user will have to have
write access to this location!) and every menu, file association etc
is made available to himself only.

> Last but not least, installation of NT Emacs seems to hang on the
> call to addpm.

This one I had in earlier versions, but not recently, neither on XP
nor on W98SE ...